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STEMbotik is a all in one, economical and state of art Robotics platform which provides a single, easy to use software package and Robot that can teach anyone block coding, text coding and Robotics. It is specially designed for India so anyone can use it on their own.

blocks to text coding

Block to Text Coding

STEMbotik bridges the gap between block coding and text coding. Sediment free relationships between blocks and text flattens the learning curve, preventing kids from being discouraged when text coding for the first time.


Made For India

STEMbotik robots and software are designed and made in India and specially built to cater for national education curriculum requirements with the capability to accommodate a wide range of ages and abilities.

Preview of Text to Blocks

Dive into STEMbotik new block to text and back again to tech. Most education coding tools use either block or text code, however we think the best experience for kids is to do both, and better yet, at the same time!


For Teachers

The STEMbotik robot and software package is designed and built specifically for the Indian curriculum changes that require schools to teach coding and robotics principles. RoboThoughts understands the limited time and resources teachers have to learn new coding languages and technologies to teach their students. STEMbotik platform is simple to understand for both student and teacher and diverse enough to teach full curricula for a range of ages and abilities..

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For Parents

For parents, finding the right toy for their children can be an arduous task. Finding the right balance between exciting and fun and educational can often seem impossible. The STEMbotik robot and software package is more than a toy, and has been designed with these requirements in mind. It provides a fun and exciting way to learn coding and robotics. STEMbotik can easily be used independently by children or better yet as a parent/child or sibling team.

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